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    Have you ever sat down to play on your PS3 with a friend and realized that you only have one controller or were you playing a game on your PC and wished you had a separate controller? Well now instead of buying a new controller you can use your PSP!!! Hi everyone, this is my first instructable! I’m going to be showing you how to use your PSP as a game controller for your PC(and PS3)! NOTE – The “controller” will also work with PS3, just connect the PSP to the PS3 through the USB cable, launch FUSA, and play! It should work with native PS3 games. – The “controller” will only work with PSP games that are running on an emulator like PPSSPP. – If you ask me where to find ISO’s……..I can’t tell you, according to U.S. law if you own the physical game you can own the ISO or ROM so, look on the web I’m sure you can find them.

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